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A dream come true

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places - like a bed of heather on a rocky Swedish island. But that indeed is where the idea for Carpe Diem Beds began.


Our story began when a young man called Börje Thuleskär, decided to become a chiropractor. As he learned more and more about physiology and human anatomy, he began to see how important good sleep was for both the body and mind. At that point, he felt he should make a considerable investment in a new - and apparently a very good - bed.

And so he did. But that initial excitement quickly led to disappointment when the bed failed to meet his expectations. Then, one warm and peaceful summer’s evening sometime later, Börje took a boat to Stora Kornö, an island in the archipelago off the coast of Lysekil. He found the idyllic scenery captivating - the light, the colours and the contrast of the gently mounded hills of rock as they cascaded sharply into the glassy sea.

 He threw a line ashore from his boat. The sea glistened and the sun shone as he stepped ashore onto the island. Barefoot, he walked over the rocks and lay himself down in a bed of wild heather nearby. There was no noise but nature, no people apart from him. The heather supported him, moulding to his body. 

At that very moment, Börje had an idea and his entrepreneurial spirit awakened. Using this experience, and drawing on the spectacular beauty of the landscape itself, he would create a bed so comfortable people would actually be able to distinguish between sleep and sleep.


Now, twenty years on, Carpe Diem Beds leads development in Sweden’s premium segment of the market. We export to about fifteen countries around the world and our sales increase from year to year as we grow and develop. Each new year is a challenge as to how we can further improve our products to offer more people a good night's sleep.

But one thing will never change. We still experience the same passion, the same enjoyment, the same eagerness to manufacture the best beds in the world, and to help create energetic days from restful, luxurious sleep. 

We still feel the difference.

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